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Last-Minute Smear of Scott Walker Falls Apart

Did you hear the one about WI Gov. Scott Walker fathering and then abandoning a child during his years in college? Evidently a last-minute attempt to damage Walker’s ability to defeat Tuesday’s recall attempt, it popped up and fell apart all over the weekend. The Wisconsin Citizen’s Media Co-op launched the attack, which was based entirely on mistaken identity plus a desire to defeat Walker at all costs. The personal attack fell apart almost as quickly as it arose, and may end up rallying even more voters to Walker’s side.

The left has tried everything to stop Walker, from shutting down the state government to threatening businesses that stuck with Walker, and now a June surprise to assault his character. How about just focusing in policy and results? Well, because those don’t help the Democrats. Under Walker’s tenure, Wisconsin has added thousands of jobs. And once people were given a choice on union membership, thousands chose not to send their hard-earned money off to extremely highly paid union bosses. It’s that second result that has Big Labor in a full terror.