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Kasim Reed's Bain Pain: It Gets Even Better

Well, well, well. Atlanta Mayor Kasim Reed looks to be the latest Democrat to have to walk back an attack on Bain Capital. Not only did Reed hire two Bain execs — and like it! — it turns out that both Bain execs are donors to the Georgia Democratic Party.

Add to that, the matter of timing: Peter Aman’s largest donation, $5,000, came just weeks before Reed announced that he had hired him to help manage Atlanta. Aman made that donation on 10/26/09.  News broke that Reed intended to hire Aman on 12/04/09. Question the timing?

Aman, by the way, was only originally appointed to a one-year stint with the city. But Mayor Reed kept him on for a second year, again touting Aman’s time at none other than Bain Capital.

Miscellaneous fact turned up during the course of investigating all this: Guess who else has a former Bain employee on staff? Look up Nikhil Joshi, here.