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Dem Rep. Barbara Lee Opposes 'Sex Selection Based on Gender'

Rep. Barbara Lee took to the floor of Congress to denounce the so-called “war on women.” The latest battle in that “war” is a House initiative to ban abortions based on sex selection. The initiative is a reaction to Live Action’s undercover video captured at a Planned Parenthood mill in Austin, TX, in which a PP staffer enthusiastically assists a woman claiming to be pursuing an abortion because she wants a boy but has found out that the child she is carrying is a girl. The PP staffer also coaches the woman in defrauding Medicare. Planned Parenthood claims that the staffer has since been fired.

Incredibly, Rep. Lee sees an effort to save baby girls from being aborted solely because they are girls as a part of the “Republican war on women.” Trying to allow baby girls to be born is now waging war on women?

After describing this “war” as “truly shock and awe,” Lee opined: “Of course we oppose sex selection based on gender.”

Upon what else would sex selection be based?