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Video: Jay Carney Struggles to Explain Obama's Public Equity Investment Failures

This is from today’s press briefing at the White House. Jay Carney is queried about the Obama campaign’s attacks on Mitt Romney’s time at Bain Capital — 78% success rate, by the way — and, well, see if you can make any sense of what Carney says.

Two problems with Carney and the White House’s thinking spring to mind. One, Carney says that it’s the president’s responsibility to see that displaced workers are able to get job retraining and unemployment benefits. Since when? Can the former adjunct con law professor point to a clause in the Constitution that makes worker retraining a president’s job? The notion that everything under the sun is the president’s job is part of why we’re in the fiscal mess that we’re in. Two, the White House still doesn’t see a problem with its wasting billions of taxpayer dollars on greendoggles, even while the Obama campaign assails Romney for what is a pretty good investment record at Bain. It exposes how unserious the whole Bain attack is. Bain invested private money in private enterprises, and mostly did well with those investments. It was bound to lose a few here and there, that’s the nature of free enterprise. To somehow try turning that record into a negative, when the Obama public equity scam has been such a payoff to political supporters and a failure for taxpayers, is hypocrisy on steroids. The Obama bunch apparently either don’t know enough to know that, or they think we’re too stupid to notice.