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Early Fave For Headline Of The Week

More clarity from the press on the other side of the Atlantic.

The White House is Versailles and Barack Obama is its Sun King. That’s the takeaway from Edward Klein’s new biography of the President, The Amateur. The title is a reference to Klein’s claim that Bill Clinton called Obama a political amateur and tried to convince his wife, Hillary, to run against him in 2012. It comes to something when Bill Clinton thinks you’re incompetent. The best that can be said about Bill is that if he’d been in charge of the Fast and Furious operation, he’d have gotten a ten percent kickback and a holiday in Acapulco out of it.

Had something like this been written in a-ahem-newspaper here in the United States the ranks of the unemployed would have picked up a few more numbers that needed to be spun. Thankfully, our British media friends aren’t burdened by filters and the like.

Of course, we recently learned that mentioning President Obama’s celebrity status is, you guessed it, racist. Still, the fact remains that he was propelled to a landslide win by little more than a cult of celebrity that Oprah and the MSM conferred upon him. If you disagree I will gladly wait to hear any recitation of POTUS-worthy accomplishments he had prior to 2008 you can point out.

And wait.