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Harvard No Longer Asserting Elizabeth Warren's Indian Heritage

When Harvard Law school was under the gun for not hiring enough women of diverse ethnicity, it hired Elizabeth Warren and widely publicized her American Indian heritage. Now that she’s running for Senate against Scott Brown and no one can establish that she has American Indian ancestors, Harvard claims not to reveal the ethnic background of its professors. Daily Mail has the story:

Elizabeth Warren’s purported Native American heritage had once been touted by her employer, Harvard Law School, as a proof of diversity at the Ivy League institution, but now the law professor’s roots are being called into question. According to the Boston Herald, Warren’s campaign staff failed to produce any documents supporting the claim that the Democratic candidate for the US Senate from Massachusetts indeed had ancestors on her mother’s side from the Cherokee and Delaware tribes. ‘Like most Americans, Elizabeth learned of her heritage through conversations with her grandparents, her parents, and her aunts and uncles,’ Warren’s strategist Kyle Sullivan told the paper.
Back in the 1990s, when Harvard Law came under fire for having weak diversity-hiring record and a faculty dominated by white male professors, the school widely publicized Warren’s alleged Native American roots.

What I wouldn’t give to see the papers she submitted in support of her hire and the notes of her discussions with the hiring committee. I don’t think Harvard just made up that story about her ancestry out of thin air at a time when they were under the gun to expand “diverse” hiring .And there is good evidence that she herself is the source of the false Indian heritage claim.

The whole concept of diversity is nonsensical, but if you claim to believe in it why lie to take advantage of it?