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The Nation Magazine's Favorite old Stalinists

At The American Spectator, Paul Kengor has a first rate analysis of some of the top 50 “progressives” picked by The Nation magazine’s judge on the matter, Peter Dreier, who teaches at Occidental College.  The list includes two entries that are quite revealing about some who supposedly are called progressives. One was a secret Communist, the African-American baritone Paul Robeson, who if when he was alive anyone called him a Communist, he and his son Paul Jr. quickly responded that they were Red-baiting. The other is the late journalist I.F. Stone, who for a short time in his early years in journalism, was very close to joining the American C.P., and who signed up with the Soviet intelligence agency, then called the NKVD, back in 1938. Yet another was the advocate of birth control and eugenics, Margaret Sanger, who like the others, simply loved the land of Stalin.

“Progressives” really should think about what past figures they herald, or- do they really see these folks as role models?