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Palin: Say, Why is Obama's Super PAC Keeping Bill Maher's Donation?

Technically, the Obama campaign can’t coordinate with his super PAC, so technically, he can’t ask them to return Bill Maher’s donation if he wanted to.


But we all know that the Obama regime isn’t one to show much respect for technicalities. They may have taken Russian money last go round. And Obama officials have spoken at super PAC events this go round, a fact that indicates at least a certain level of coordination. And then there’s the regime’s attitude toward the First Amendment.

Sarah Palin is probably aware of both the technicality and Obama’s lack of respect for same.

Maher has abused Palin, calling her the c-word on his HBO show. No phone call from Obama. No return of the $1 million Maher donated to Obama’s super PAC.

Double standard, anyone?

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