Team Obama Involved in MMFA Hiring Antisemite?

Jeff Dunetz at Yid With Lid wonders if the White House instigated the employment of Media Matters’s antisemitic Senior Fellow MJ Rosenberg:

We know that Media Matters was coordinating with the White House on many issues. They hired Rosenberg at a time when  important domestic issues were dominating the headlines. Obama’s relationship with Israel was only intermittently in the headlines, and not anywhere near to the extent of those other issues, but his attacks on Israel were having an effect on the President’s Jewish support. No single-issue Senior staff was hired to comment or publicly lobby for the President’s positions on the other issues. While other MMFA hit-men attack the media’s coverage of Obama and the progressives, only MJ Rosenberg writes primarily about the issue itself.


Look at the entire case Jeff makes and the dates he identifies:

July 13 2009: “Obama met with leaders of 13 Jewish Organizations  Missing from this meeting was an organization usually included by presidents when they meet with “Jewish Leaders,” the Zionist Organization of America who had been most vocal about opposing Obama’s Israel attacks. Instead the President invited two groups with little support in the Jewish Community, but much support in progressive circles, the anti-Israel lobbying groups J-Street (funded by George Soros) and Americans for Peace Now. The meeting’s  purpose of calming the Jewish nerves regarding the President’s one-sided criticism of the Jewish State.”

Sept. 9 2009: MMFA announces Rosenberg’s hire.

Paging Alan Dershowitz:

“That’s right,” Dershowitz affirmed. “Unless the administration disassociates itself from Media Matters and stops having strategy sessions and stops inviting them to the White House and stops being associated with them, the President should do to Media Matters what he did to Jeremiah Wright — totally disassociate, rebuke and say, ‘I stand with Israel.’ He has an opportunity to do that when he meets at AIPAC. I think he will show support for Israel and support for AIPAC but he has to distance himself from Media Matters. They’re too close today for comfort. It’s going to hurt him in the re-election campaign.”


I can think of others in the midst of this mess who are “too close today for comfort.”


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