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Obama Campaign Revamps 'AttackWatch,' Rolls Out the 'Truth Teams'

The Obama White House’s paranoid AttackWatch site should have died an embarrassed, quiet death. But according to an email from Axelrod’s hivemind, it isn’t. It’s spawning siblings.

Instead of relying on differences of opinion, the GOP candidates are launching attacks based on lies. We can either sit back, or fight back. And we’re choosing to fight back.

In the past few months, you signed up to be a part of AttackWatch — the team that’ll be on the front lines in defending the President’s record.

I’m excited to share that now there are two more ways to do that. Today, we released a revamped version of the AttackWatch website, along with two new efforts.

The first is called KeepingGOPHonest, which will be your resource for fact-checking the Republicans when they misrepresent themselves. The other is called KeepingHisWord, and here you can find quick, easy-to-share summaries of President Obama’s accomplishments right alongside what he promised he’d do.

Together, these three resources will serve what we’re calling the Truth Team, a network of supporters like you who say they want to play a key role in fighting back with the truth in this election.

The “Truth Teams” will be your annoying liberal neighbors, or that’s the game plan anyway. They’ll end up illustrating what door locks and air soft rifles are for. Here’s a freebie for KeepingHisWord: Sen. Obama denounced deficits as “unpatriotic” when they were $160 billion per year, but President Obama just pushed out a budget proposal with a single year deficit of $1.33 trillion.

I know…report me to AttackWatch, which has been “revamped” to include a snappy red lightning bolt with each day’s first post. Two of those bolts side by side and their shock troop branding will be complete.

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