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It's January 2012 and so far we've avoided the Climate Apocalypse

In 2007 The Canadian predicted 4.5 billion people would die by January 1 2012 as a result of global warming. Rick Bradford at the blog Bishop Hill, updates the story:

It’s a New Year of catastrophes — with 4.5 billion people predicted dead from climate change by Jan 1 , I am trying to check whether my village has done better than the average.

So far, I have located all members of the family, who were widely dispersed to lessen the impact of the Apocalypse — in the morning, they were discovered in bedrooms, the kitchen, and the bathroom, all apparently healthy, although some appeared to have lost their clothes. I was also informed that we couldn’t find the cat, further evidence that we need to be broad in our definition of ‘climate justice’.

Skeleton crews must be working at the power company and telephone monopoly, as services are normal, even as they struggle to bury their fallen comrades (about 3 dead for each survivor), and, miracles, a truck has just pulled up from the bakery with fresh bread! How do they do it, in the midst of such devastation and sorrow. My hat goes off to them.

A government employee turned up at 10am to survey the catastrophe, though to avoid causing unnecessary panic amongst the survivors, he was disguised as a postman, and even delivered some letters as part of his cover. Couple of bills in there I’ll never have to pay now that society has been decimated.

Decided to carry on as normal as possible and made some toast ah! and there’s the cat — must have smelt the food.

Jan 3, 2012 at 1:48 PM | Rick Bradford

h/t Kim at JOM