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Ed Schultz Video: Tea Partiers are Sewer Rats

Via the Right Scoop:

And for some reason it still turns heads (even amongst conservatives) when I insist on using the descriptor “Marxist” instead of “liberal” when discussing the President and his most passionate supporters.

Vladimir Lenin:

Thousands of practical forms and methods of accounting and controlling the rich, the rogues and the idlers must be devised and put to a practical test by the communes themselves, by small units in town and country. Variety is a guarantee of effectiveness here, a pledge of success in achieving the single common aim—to clean the land of Russia of all vermin, of fleas—the rogues, of bugs—the rich, and so on and so forth.

I propose Tea Partiers embrace and celebrate the Marxists’ slurs. After all, rats can accomplish great things when they put their minds to it. Examples:

The Secret of NIMH: