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Tea Party For the Win, Again

The occupiers continue their destructive, nihilistic campaign to…do…something annoying.

Some demonstrators are planning to occupy retailers on Black Friday to protest “the business that are in the pockets of Wall Street.”

Organizers are encouraging consumers to either occupy or boycott retailers that are publicly traded, according to the Stop Black Friday website.

The goal of the movement is to impact the profits of major corporations this holiday season.

Just so we’re clear, the occupiers are already occupying because they’re broke, mired in debt, and can’t find jobs that will help them pay off their $35,000 degrees in advanced puppetry. So absent actually parking themselves in retail space to physically block people from buying their Christmas gifts, this latest occupation will be nothing more than a call to irritate innocent people buying gifts, and retailers trying to survive the Obama economy.

Nevertheless, the Tea Party once again shows that it’s the reasonable, mainstream, patriotic side of the protest coin.

Liberate Philadelphia/Liberate America, a Tea Party coalition of groups countering the “Occupy Wall Street” movement, are challenging the latest move by Occupy Wall Street protesters to occupy or boycott publicly traded retailers on Black Friday by instead encouraging consumers to shop on Black Friday to help the economy recover.

“At a time when our economy is most fragile and ratings agencies are talking about another downgrade of the U.S. credit rating, it’s completely irresponsible for Occupy Wall Street to attempt to bring the U.S. economy to a halt on the busiest shopping day of the year,” Liberate organizer and a spokesman for the Tea Party, John Sullivan, stated in a press release.

Although “Occupy Black Friday” is not meant to be an anti-capitalist movement, according to the group’s website, supporters of Liberate Philadelphia/Liberate America claim that the entire “Occupy Wall Street” movement is not in support of a free market.

“Occupy’s message is frequently one of destroying the American free market,” Liberate organizer and President of the Independence Hall Tea Party Association, Teri Adams, stated in a Liberate Philadelphia/Liberate America press release.

Retailers typically take on seasonal hires to help handle the increased traffic and volume that hits this time of year, a time that many of these eeeevil corporations depend on to carry them through the rest of the year (and keep Americans employed). If the occupiers really wanted to do something useful, they would just go and occupy a job.