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NARAL Hands a Gift to Herman Cain

Last week’s twist-ups on CNN and Fox left some Republicans wondering whether Herman Cain is really pro-life or functionally pro-choice on abortion. Well, NARAL just stepped in to clear everything up by launching an attack on Cain.

Now, NARAL president Nancy Keenan has released an open letter Cain saying she believes he is fully pro-life on abortion and condemns him for taking such a position.

“Let’s start with the things we agree on: you are 100 percent opposed to a woman’s right to choose abortion care–even in cases of rape or incest–and have made that position clear on numerous occasions. End of story,” Keenan writes. The NARAL leader then says she disagrees with Cain’s assertion that a president doesn’t have significant power over the issue of abortion.

A direct attack from NARAL on an issue that nearly derailed his run. The Hermanator thanks NARAL for their vital contribution to his campaign.