Author Michael Z Williamson on Poverty in the US

Author Michael Z Williamson is not a good man to  upset, and not just because he runs a website called sharp pointy things that sells all sorts of… sharp pointy things, like knives and a sword I want to buy as soon as I make a lot of money. (What? Stop shuddering at the idea of me and a sword. It’s pretty. And sharp.)


Turns out it’s also a bad idea to get Mike upset because his mind, it seems, is also a sharp and pointy thing.

Some less cautious people have lately gotten Mike riled up by going on about poverty and about the income gap. This was a bad idea. In his website, called Speaker to Morons, Mike cuts their arguments to ribbons.

Some choice bits:

And I’m not even going to dignify the lefticle wank of “income gap” with a response, except to note it’s pretty much Godwin’s Law for economics. If you bring it up, you’ve admitted you have no argument.


As an immigrant, I get REALLY ticked off at Americans whining about “poverty” that involves cell phones, microwaves, AC and cars.


I remember growing up middle class in the UK. My father had a motorcycle, and eventually a car, while he alternated electrical work and school. My mother waited tables evenings. We had a “flat” with no heat, and a transistor radio. Lunch for me was usually a boiled egg or a slice of bread with jam. In 1969 we got a black and white TV so we could watch the moon landing. Since my father was an electrical engineer, he re-programmed the set and we got FOUR channels, though BBC1 and -2 usually showed the same thing.

Eventually we moved to a real house (well, a duplex), with plumbing. We were lucky.


Go read the whole thing at Michael’s blog.


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