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Jeb Bush: Let's Collect Internet Sales Taxes


Recent reports revealed that former Gov. Jeb Bush, in some advice he emailed to current Gov. Rick Scott, suggested Scott look into collecting state sales taxes from online transactions.

Florida misses out on at least $1 billion a year in sales taxes this way, according to groups that support efforts to begin collecting them. The numbers will only go up as more people shop online.

When Bush, who cut billions of dollars in state taxes during his two terms as governor, is open to collecting the sales tax for online purchases, that speaks volumes. Of course, Bush would use the additional revenues to cut other taxes. Fair enough.

“It seems to me there has to be a way to tax sales done online in the same way that sales are taxed in brick and mortar establishments,” Bush wrote to Scott. “My guess is that there would be hundreds of millions of dollars that then could be used to reduce taxes to fulfill campaign promises.”


I’m not sure what I think about this, but the fact is that Jeb Bush was a great and very conservative governor of Florida. And SC Gov. Nikki Hailey does agree with Jeb on this.

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