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Today's the Day: Gov. Rick Perry Announces His Run for the Presidency

Texas Gov. Rick Perry announces today that he is running to become the 45th President of the United States. Perry, who has been governor of Texas for ten years, has overseen a state that has weathered the recession better than any other large state. Accounting for 37% of all job growth nationwide over the past few years, Perry’s Texas stands in stark contrast to California, New York and the other large blue states. Its story is one that he intends to tell a nation that has seen our economy flounder and our national credit downgraded as President Obama has failed to turn his big government visions into economic growth. Under Perry’s watch, Texas is one of three states that boasts more jobs now than when the recession began. The Lone Star State also has one of the nation’s most stable housing markets, one of the lowest tax burdens, and is home to more Fortune 500 companies than any other state.

Rick Perry has built up a record not only of standing for free markets and a stable regulatory environment, he has also built up a record of going toe-to-toe with the Obama administration. He has battled the administration on its offshore oil drilling policies, its energy policies, its border policies and its Washington-centric approach to governance. Where Obama’s Washington sees every chance to gather more power to itself, Rick Perry sees a chance to let states decide and innovate for themselves. His candidacy gives America as clear a choice as possible between the state-centered and moribund status-quo, or a dynamic American economy unleashed from Washington’s heavy hand. A Perry vs. Obama candidacy will be about first principles, to the extent that the Obama team allows the real issues to enter the campaign. They have already signaled that they will go deeply personal against whoever the GOP nominee is.

Perry is announcing his run at the RedState Gathering in Charleston, SC. That state’s primary tends to determine who wins the GOP nomination, and Perry’s entry into the race in South Carolina signals that he intends to make his strongest primary stand there. After today’s official announcement, the GOP presidential primary is a whole new race.

Update: Perry has updated his official website. Here is the first new item on the site.

Update: Gov. Perry’s speech has concluded, to a rousing reception from the RedState audience. We’ll have the text here as soon as possible.

Update: Ace was in the room for Perry’s announcement speech. It was the first time Ace had heard Gov. Perry speak in person, and he’s impressed.

I heard that he was a good speaker, could charge the room, channel emotion, speak clearly in appealing themes. This is the first time I’ve actually seen in him action. Early reports were accurate; he’s very good on the stump.

Update: Belladonna Rogers shreds liberal Michael Tomasky for his fear and loathing of Rick Perry.