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Harry Reid Puts 'Osama Momma' on the Spending Supercommittee

The news just went out — Sen. Majority Leader Harry Reid has put Sens. John Kerry, Max Baucus and Patty Murray on the spending supercommittee.

Baucus is the most reasonable of the three, and Reid’s best choice. The other two choices are spectacularly bad.

John Kerry has been out on the air over the past few days arguing that the media should censor the Tea Party. Kerry has blamed the US credit downgrade on the Tea Party. He married money and has been in the Senate the entire time our national spending spree has been building toward unsustainability. Kerry is a lousy choice for this role.

Murray infamously lauded al Qaeda mastermind Osama bin Laden’s road-building just a little over a year after the attacks on 9-11. And just a few weeks back, she had the shamelessness and audacity to ask the Koch brothers — the same entrepreneurs the Democrats love to hate — for political donations.

Kerry and Murray are liberal partisans who will defend government largesse by any means necessary. Reid has signaled with these choices that the Democrats will not give any ground to reform entitlements.

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