Perceptive Take on Wu & Elite Education

David Wu

Of all the well-deserved brouhaha over former Rep. David Wu (D.-Or) and his latest sexual error, one of the most interesting and perceptive perspectives is by Walter Russell Mead, on his blog, Via Meadia. Mead takes elite colleges and universities to task for utterly failing to instill any sense of morality or to provide any significant religious guidance to the majority of their undergraduates.  This is in stark contrast, by the way, to major universities such as Baylor and small colleges such as Calvin College in Grand Rapids, Michigan and Wheaton College, in Wheaton, Illinois, Billy Graham’s alma mater.  Wu himself, as it happens, earned his B.S. degree from Stanford, briefly attended Harvard Medical School, before attending and graduating from Yale Law School.


As Mead correctly points out:

Sexual missteps and worse are among Washington’s most common career killers; the elite educational system in this country has essentially abandoned the task of providing moral and religious guidance to help bright, ambitious young people steer clear of these traps.

Sad — from every point of view.



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