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Maloney, Cummings Pushing Gun Control Again

From House Oversight on Fast and Furious:

Cummings pushed the “gun violence” meme. Then he expressed concern about ATF morale. Cummings said the 1,800 agents in ATF is “too small.”

Maloney talking about “military style weapons” and how to “stop the flow of illegal guns.” She’s back to justifying her new gun control proposal, HB 2554. Here’s the scary part:

(a) In General- It shall be unlawful for any person, regardless of whether anything of value is exchanged, to receive, or to transfer or otherwise dispose of to 1 or more individuals, 2 or more firearms that have been shipped or transported in interstate or foreign commerce, knowing or having reasonable cause to believe that such conduct will result in the disposing of 1 or more such firearms to an individual–

(1) whose possession or receipt of the firearm would be unlawful; or

(2) who intends to or will use, carry, possess, or dispose of the firearm unlawfully.

Straw purchasing is already outlawed in US Code Title 18, Section 922.

However, that last clause is the killer. Section (a)(2) says that a seller transferring a gun to somebody who intends to commit a crime–“who intends to…use…the firearm unlawfully”–could be held liable. This would create federal law contravening the intent of the Protection of Lawful Commerce in Arms Act, which outlawed prosecuting gun makers for the acts of criminals. Maloney’s proposal would destroy such protection.

Considering that Maloney is anti-rights, this could almost be considered an act of genius. It also proves she and her anti-rights comrade Eleanor Norton are not ignorant of US Code Title 18, Section 922, but are purposefully misrepresenting federal law in order to promote a dangerous new law that would punish law-abiding sellers for the acts of criminals.