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Do the Obamas "Need" All the Taxpayer-Sponsored Goodies They Get?

Jonathan Last has a smart remark at his blog expanding on Jonah Goldberg’s column today which observed it’s easy for Obama to say he has lots of money he doesn’t “need” when taxpayers pick up the tab for most of his family’s expenses:

The Republican nominee should quote this line of Obama’s often, and then follow it with some of the extravagant expenses Michelle Obama has racked: the $500,000 trip to Africa,the pleasure trip to Spain with 40 of her friends,the $100,000 “date night” in New York,the extensive and expensive personal staff she requires.

This whole theme relates to Bryan’s Tatler post from earlier this morning about how even the President’s most devout, head-in-the-ground groupies are asking him to skip the expensive vacation this year.

Reminder Mr. President: if you and your leftist millionaire buddies think you should be taxed more heavily then by all means you’re more than welcome to pay your “fair share” well above what’s required of you when submitting your taxes to the IRS. But of course from what I understand many of the leftist millionaires within your own administration have a hard time paying just the minimum amount requested of them.