A Woman and a Blog to Watch: the New Washington Monument, Clarice Feldman


Once upon a time, when dinosaurs leapt along the Pacific coast on what’s now California’s State Route 1, Sunday mornings meant at least an hour leafing through The New York Times.  People across the political spectrum savored its non-partisan book reviews; its stellar magazine highlighted by profoundly researched and beautifully written articles by the late J. Anthony Lukas, when he was a luminous reporter and not yet a leftist book award celebrating the idiocy of Samantha Power and other deep thinkers; and the writings of the Times’ then-peerless news staff that delivered unbiased reports free of editorial content on the news pages.  When one wanted a fair and balanced summary of the week just ended, there was the lucid News of the Week in Review.


That was then.  Today, any die-hards who still get home delivery can polish off the Sunday Times in under two minutes. Max.

Sunday mornings are now enlivened by a new and lustrous successor to The Week in Review. It comes in the form of a far sweeter treat, Clarice’s Pieces, which appears on The American Thinker.  PJM contributor Clarice Feldman’s mega-brain compresses each depressing, lie-filled, irritating past week’s news into a succinct, trenchant analysis that always includes delicious zingers to start off the week.  Her wit is wry and her writing is crisp.  She’s the thinking person’s Sunday Morning Live.

Once a top-notch lawyer in the pre-Eric Holder Department of Justice, where she was a powerful intellectual force in the Office of Special Investigations, there’s nothing rotten that escapes her eagle eye or sharp commentary. Her analysis of the lack of credible evidence in the vicious, politically-motivated  prosecution of I. Lewis “Scooter” Libby in 2006 in The Weekly Standard remains the definitive statement on that tragic chapter in American legal history.

A voracious reader of countless political and legal-analysis blogs, Clarice Feldman distills them for her Sunday pieces, as well as for readers of The Tatler. If the names of all the websites she devours were compiled in a vertical collection, they would tower over any sky-scraping edifice you can think of: The Washington Monument, Chicago’s Sears Tower, Boston’s Hancock Tower and San Francisco’s Transamerica Tower.


For her legions of appreciative readers,  Clarice Feldman  has single-handedly made Sunday mornings come alive with vivacious writing, witty barbs and trenchant analysis.  Kudos to:


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