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Politicians unprepared to do their job - scientifically

Reading Belladonna Rogers’ post this morning about the infuriating light bulb controversy, I am once more struck by how unprepared our leaders are to deal with the technological future, let alone the present. It’s not just the risibly uneducated Barbara Boxer and Sheila Jackson Lee. Almost all our elected officials – except perhaps a few doctors – are out of their depths scientifically and have no idea what they are voting about. For another example, the whole debate about anthropogenic global warming was a farcical display of scientific illiteracy and continues to be so.

This problem will only grow as we move into the future. Our leaders will have to rely increasingly on advisers who, naturally, will have their own axes to grind (cf. AGW again).

What’s the solution to this? I don’t know. Maybe more doctors and fewer lawyers in Congress for a start.

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