Hard workin', leading-from-behind president splits DC for a pair of closed-door fundraisers

Sen. John Thune was half right when he said the best way to score time with the president was to set up a tee time. The other best way is to raise money for his re-election. For that, Obama will make time. For meeting with Republicans to have an intervention on his debt addiction…he will not.


President Obama will head to Philadelphia for two events organized by the Democratic National Committee Thursday, the same day the first major and closely-watched fundraising quarter of the 2012 presidential campaign cycle draws to a close. …

The president’s trip caps off a busy fundraising schedule over the last month as both the Obama campaign and the DNC hope to report monster numbers as the 2012 reelection effort officially gears up. Less than a week ago, Obama hit three back-to-back fundraisers in New York City, including a $35,800-a-plate dinner at an Upper East Side restaurant. He was also the main attraction at two fundraisers at the Mandarin Oriental Hotel in the nation’s capital 10 days ago.

The CNN story says the various operatives have signaled that Team O has outpaced its quarterly fundraising total. I have my doubts about that, but if that’s true it’s even worse for him to be jetting off to fundraisers rather than do what leaders do…lead. Isn’t that what he said yesterday between fits of quelled rage? Instead of leading, Obama is leaving.


Not that I, personally, want him leading anything, mind you. I’d prefer to see him sprucing up his resume in anticipation of a looming job loss.

Update: Yid with Lid helps out with the golf forecast. You’re welcome, Mr. President.


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