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Liu nomination goes down to defeat

As Verum Serum puts it, in Liu of victory

Defeat, finally, for Goodwin Liu’s nomination to a seat on the Ninth Circuit. The vote to end debate on Liu’s nomination just failed, 52-43. In somewhat of a surprise, and in what can only be called a resounding rebuke to the White House, Murkowski seems to be the only Republican who voted against the filibuster. And Ben Nelson even crossed over to vote against Liu!

Liu inserted himself into the nominations of John Roberts and Sam Alito to the Supreme Court, losing those battles (as he should have) while also exposing his own far left views. So the Senate Republicans deserve credit for keeping him off the court. And congratulations to Morgen and John at Verum Serum, whose detective work on Liu’s views probably turned the tide against him. The blogs strike again…