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NYT attacks for-profit colleges, beclowns itself again

We’ve been Tatling away at the NYT for running that “crazy vet” story the day the SEALs got bin Laden, and based on bad research that the Times itself had debunked 20 years ago. Well check this out — the NYT joined the Obama administration’s attack on for-profit colleges and trade schools in a weak op-ed today. Having read it over, it reads as if the Times sent a stenographer to jot down every single charge the Obama WH wanted to put out there, and just wrote an editorial designed to include all of them and neglect any and all counter arguments. The op-ed’s title gives the game away: “Education Is The Last Thing On Their Minds.”

Funny thing, though. The New York Times sports one of the most famous and iconic logos in the world. It is instantly recognizable.

Ed Benguiat designed the New York Times‘ logo. Benguiat is one of the most influential designers of the past century, and he teaches at the School of Visual Arts in Manhattan. And the School of Visual Arts is a for-profit school.

So, New York Times, is education the last thing on the mind of the man who designed your logo, and is one of the most influential typefaces designers on earth?