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Bin Laden Dead?

Fox News and CNN are reporting Osama Bin Laden was killed a week ago by a US air strike. The info is sketchy but if this is accurate — his death by American arms is well deserved.

UPDATE: Fox just confirmed that the US has OBL’s body. The America haters will rage — let them. Here’s the bottom line lesson: Don’t attack the US.

ANOTHER THOUGHT: Would that we had him in Fall 2001. However, time has worked against Bin Laden. He dies tarnished. A man who hides in a cave for ten years is no martyr. He quickly lost the aura of divine sanction — he was driven out of Afghanistan, and the US stayed. Moreover, the US took it’s counter-terror war into the heart of the politically dysfunctional Arab Muslim world. What’s the choice between tyrant and terrorist? Iraq provides a choice. Al Qaeda made Iraq a battleground and lost — lost to the Iraqi people and the US.