Obama the wimp slaps Assad's wrist

From Reuters:

US President Barack Obama signed an executive order earlier on Friday imposing new sanctions against Syria’s intelligence agency and two relatives of Assad in response to a crackdown on protests, senior US officials said.

Assad was not among those targeted for the sanctions, which will include asset freezes and bans on US business dealings, but he could be named later if violence by government forces against pro-democracy protesters continues, the officials said.


He could be named. Uh-oh. How many more people does he have to kill first? The Grand Reactionaries of the Obama Administration – who did everything in their power to push Mubarak, an ally, out – can’t move themselves to act against a far more villainous gangster who for decades has oppressed not only his own people but Lebanon as well and is the enabler of Hezbollah and Hamas and the friend of the mullahs.


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