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Obama's bridge over troubled demagoguery collapses

CBS calls The One out for a shovel-ready speech citing a bridge collapse to defend every last cent of federal spending.

“According to the Republican budget that was passed, for example, we would have to eliminate transportation funding by a third,” he said. “…You remember when that bridge in Minnesota collapsed with all those people on it and there was a big hue and cry, how could this happen in America?”

Mr. Obama noted that the United States has been given a “D” grade for its infrastructure and said U.S. roads, sewers and bridges are “all deteriorating.” He added: “We cut transportation by another third and what’s going to happen to America? We’re just going to have potholes everywhere? We’re just gonna have bridges collapsing everywhere?”

While experts say America’s aging infrastructure is a significant problem, the bridge collapse in Minnesota, which killed 13 people, was found to have been caused primarily by a design flaw.

It’s so much easier to speechify at a friendly audience than it is to actually know what you’re talking about. That’s why he gets snippy when a reporter interrupts His Airness’ long-winded and ultimately deceptive answers.

But with regards to infrastructure spending, wasn’t the 2009 stimulus supposed to throw a trillion dollars at “shovel ready” projects? What happened to that?

(hat tip Jim Geraghty)