NY State set to warn society against dangerous activities -- like Wiffleball

A government agency that has time to weigh in on the dangers of wiffleball, kickball and tag has far too much time on its hands, and and too many people on its payroll.


The state Department of Health may label games such as tag, Wiffleball, kickball and horseshoes as posing a “significant risk of injury” at day camps and may require indoor day camps that offer those activities to be regulated by state and local health officials.A state law that took effect this month requires increased oversight of indoor day camps as a way to ensure that children are in safe environments.

It’s another case of tyranny by bureaucracy. Government sets up a Department of Health or whatever with the best of intentions, but once that department gets to a point where it has essentially fulfilled its mission, it looks for new missions. Gotta justify that budget increase year after year. Getting little or no check on their power from the representatives we elect to oversee these agencies, they find new mission after new mission, until the departments cost far more than envisioned and regulate activities that are very far afield from their actual purpose. Like, say, a Dept of Health going after wiffleball.

Solution: Fire the head of the agency and slash its budget by about 20 percent. Rinse. Repeat until they get the message.


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