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Another Democrat whacks Obama's shuttle snub of Houston

This time it’s Rep. Gene Green, Houston Democrat.

“Los Angeles and New York are undeniably two of our country’s most important hubs of culture, commerce, and learning.  However, they are not Space City, USA.  It is unbelievable that NASA decided either of these cities is more deserving of a retired Space Shuttle than Houston, Texas.

“There is no location in this country with both the connection and contributions to space flight and a metropolitan area of over 6 million,” said Green.

“It is my belief that under the relevant provisions of the NASA Authorization Act of 2010, Kennedy Space Center in Florida and Johnson Space Center are the most qualified locations to receive a space shuttle.

“Unfortunately, today’s decision is only the most recent example of NASA headquarters in Washington, ignoring the will of Congress as expressed in the NASA Authorization Act to the detriment of the space community in Houston.


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