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The new tone: Liberal bloggers compare budget fight to 'hostage' situation, 'deviant' behavior

Everyone with any sense knew that the whole drive for a “new tone” was really the left’s way of telling everyone else to just shut up already. Matt Yglesias and Josh Marshall confirm as much today, blogging about the looming battle over the debt ceiling. Yglesias likens it to a “hostage rescue,” complete with a photo captioned “Shoot the hostage.” Classy.

Not to be one-upped, Josh Marshall calls the Republicans’ actions “deviant.” He even quotes the late Sen. Daniel Patrick Moynihan, whose use of the term “deviant” a couple of decades back described behavior that Democrat policies actively encourage now. Odd choice, Josh, but consistent I guess: Both liberal bloggers are characterizing Republican opposition as violent, criminal behavior.

But getting to the point, as long as the left is led by folks who see nothing but deviant, hostage-taking villains in their political opposites, what is there to discuss with them?