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Whatsamatter HuffPo, cat got your tongue?

Earlier today I read Noel Sheppard’s amusing post on his attempts to get someone — anyone — at the Huffington Post to explain why they banned Andrew Breitbart from their front page, but have left Bill Maher unmolested. The back story is that PuffHost banned Breitbart for a mild ad hominem on Commie Truther Van Jones, but has elected not to ban Bill Maher, who has twice called Sarah Palin very foul names.

No one questions whether the Huffers have the right to ban one and not the other, but the Host claimed that the Breitbart banning was about elevating the political discourse or whatever, while what Maher said — that didn’t get him banned — was far far worse than anything Breitbart said. And Maher remains unbanned. What’s the policy, Arianna? Don’t look to her latest for answers on this.

Shepherd tried and tried and tried to get an answer, but only got silence. So I was reminded that, back during CPAC, Huffer’s PR guy, Mario Ruiz, was very quick to contact me for a correction for something we posted. He and I had a cordial exchange over the whole thing. He seems like a decent sort.

I thought, why don’t I try and contact him and see if he’ll answer me. So shortly before lunchtime, I emailed him, included a like to Noel’s post, and just asked if he had any comment on it.

Seven hours later, silence. Nada. Crickets.