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The Islamist worm turns in Libya

Americans often have difficulties picturing a map of the world, but Libya is Italy’s backyard. Italy’s energy consumption is for a quarter dependent on Libya.   What Colonel Ghadaffi is doing to his people, is not completely un-African. It is only happening closer to our western homes.

Italy’s Foreign minister is scared as hell. He knows that Ghadaffi is a cruel madman, and he knows as well that that it can be more cruel too. It’s hard to imagine for us, pampered with safety, health, security – just hand Libya to the Islamists, and you have half of the Libyan population running to the boats to reach Italy, and the other half calling for Jihad in the streets of Palermo and Milano.   Italians know their backyard as thoroughly as they know how to design a car or dress a woman.  

This is what the minister said:   ‘Italian Foreign Minister Franco Frattini, whose country has been at the forefront of the debate as the EU entry gate for thousands of illegal immigrants from north Africa, said the threat of an “Islamic Arab Emirate at the borders of Europe” in Libya was now a matter of “serious concern”.

He said there was “an urgent need” for “national reconciliation”, underlining he was “extremely concerned about the self-proclamation of the so-called Islamic Emirate of Benghazi.

”This would be a really serious threat,” he said.’

Sure, that would be a serious threat. Islamist strongman Yusuf al Qaradawi returned to Egypt after thirty years exile in Qatar and spoke last Friday to the crowd on Tahrir Square, and now there are rumors about a Libyan Emirate. Wonderful! Give them freedom and democracy and they will try to kill the infidels, like they tried to rape a CBS journalist shouting Jew, Jew!

Completely breathtaking is a video on the website of the New York Times. It shows Nicholas D. Kristof, not the worst writer of the Times, having a haircut.  He explains that we should not worry about women’s rights in Bahrein after the revolution. And we see masses of demonstrating Shiite women dressed in black from head to toe, some of them having their face covered, and he is right, we should not be worried about women’s rights over there.   They don’t want them.   Could it be that they mean ‘I want to be free to be an Islamist’ when they shout ‘freedom’? Could it be that they mean ‘I want to democratically introduce Sharia’ when they shout ‘democracy’?

I mean, I’m only guessing!