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What is the new GOP Congress doing to help military voters?

Today the House Administration Committee held hearings on military voting issues in the 2010 election and the lack of Justice Department enforcement.  A PJM preview of that hearing and Eric Holder’s approval of unconstitutional ballots to servicemembers which omitted some contests (such as governor) is here.  The hearing did not go well for the Department of Justice, and by the end, the testimony of Assistant Attorney General Tom Perez looked less than credible.  No surprise there.  You can watch the full hearing here.  At roughly 4:40 two articles from Pajamas Media are inserted into the record.  But the rest of the hearing is definitely worth watching if you are interested in military voters.  Eric Eversole’s dismemberment of Perez’s testimony is worth watching.  It was good to see Rep. Joe Wilson (R-SC) visiting from the Armed Services Committee.  Wilson is just the person for the job with his (and his son’s) history wearing the uniform.  Grab some popcorn.

UPDATE:  Congressman Richard Nugent notes (apx. 1:50:00) that Asst. Attorney General Tom Perez provided testimony that “was somewhat misleading.”