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Seating arrangements at the SOTU address

As usual, McCain leaps at the suggestion of mixed seating–scattering Republicans and Democrats throughout the audience during the SOTU address. He does ask his Democrat colleagues to refrain from jumping up and clapping loudly at everything Obama says.

I doubt they’ll follow his caveat. In fact, I think the mixed seating is a dumb idea. The Democrats and their media friends will make the new arrangement look like there is far more widespread approval in Congress than there is or should be. In fact, this sort of thing is what  I understand the Communists often used at public meetings to convey that very notion.

In any event I think a poster named Mitzi at Lucianne. com has a much better idea:

Reply 15 – Posted by: mitzi, 1/23/2011 11:50:53 AM (No. 7290378)
I’d like to suggest “Musical Chairs” during the speech.

Everytime Obama says “I” everyone will get up and quickly move to another chair.