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Ricky Gervais was rude but right at the Golden Globes

Ricky Gervais, who hosted the Golden Globes last night, has been roundly attacked for being rude to practically everyone, including the Hollywood Foreign Press Association, whose event it was. Problem is: he was right, particularly about the HFPA. The Golden Globes are a joke (The Tourist nominated for best picture?) and the HFPA is an even worse joke. They consist of bunch of stringers for the Bucharest Bugle who work most of the year as waiters and waitresses. They’ll do anything to meet a movie star (hard as that is to believe). Hence The Tourist, Burlesque, etc. get nominated. I never watch, but did this time because I have to comment about the precedings today on the Laura Ingraham Show.

One special note for conservatives: dissing Hollywood is easy to do (I do it all the time), but the wise person tries to take it over. This is our culture, molding the minds of the future. Turn it over to the other side, if you wish, but do so at your peril.