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Edwards investigation moves ahead

A grand jury is looking into whether the Silky Pony did anything illegal in the process of covering up his affair with Rielle Hunter.

A federal grand jury meeting in Raleigh, N.C., is combing through records and testimony involving several political organizations and individuals connected to Edwards and trying to determine if the former North Carolina senator and 2004 vice presidential nominee broke any laws. A recently issued subpoena focuses on a web of these political groups allied with Edwards, according to subpoena details provided to AP that offer a glimpse into the investigation being conducted behind closed doors.

Among those money pots was the late Fred Baron, big time Dallas lawyer and one time finance chief to John Edwards, who admitted that he paid to help conceal the affair.  Baron passed away in 2008 (but not before Pelosi could try pulling some strings for the big-time donor to her party), but his money has long been the prime source of funding for the Texas Democratic Party and its Shadow Party, and his estate is still one of the Tx Dems’ prime sources.  I generally take every opportunity to point this out in the interests of accuracy (and because the MSM consistently fails to do so): Any time the Texas Democrats claim they’re for honest and good government, it’s fair to point out that their main money man paid to hush up John Edwards’ love child, and that as a party they’re still living off that money.  Back to the article on the investigation:

Investigators are also looking at money sent by Edwards’ former campaign finance chairman, Fred Baron, who died in 2008. Before he died, Baron said he provided support for Young and Hunter to move across the country but did it without Edwards’ knowledge.

Young contended in his book that Edwards was aware of Baron’s money, and at least one other person has also told investigators that Edwards knew about the payments from the start.