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al qaeda

Terror group says Saudis paying a jizya to America while that money should be distributed to people.
It was manly.
"We rather view you as a group, a brigade, or even an army in itself," al-Raymi tells lone jihadists.
Terror group claims they seized munitions in the attack on "advise and assist mission."
AQAP leader al-Raymi also gives first thoughts on "what America is doing in the era of Trump."
Terror group calls on young followers to attack after Haley vow "filled with sarcasm and mockery."
Says immigration controls are "not a means of safety."
Terror group issues call to "Muslims in general and the youth of Islam in particular" after U.S. airstrike.
"Multiple senior U.S. officials tell CNN the intelligence recovered is vital."
"I know what the timeline is, and it bothers me a lot."
1993 WTC mastermind Abdel-Rahman left conspiratorial will telling jihadis "avenge me."
Terror group encourages jihadists to be "a room full" of Woolwich killer Adebolajo -- "exactly what today's world needs."