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"Multiple senior U.S. officials tell CNN the intelligence recovered is vital."
"I know what the timeline is, and it bothers me a lot."
1993 WTC mastermind Abdel-Rahman left conspiratorial will telling jihadis "avenge me."
Terror group encourages jihadists to be "a room full" of Woolwich killer Adebolajo -- "exactly what today's world needs."
Jihadists instructed to step up kidnappings, while hostages warned to "avoid discussion of religion and politics."
ISIS has a great deal of competition, and radical Islamic terrorism comes in many different flavors.
Reports say al-Qaeda was ready for attack and U.S. lacked intelligence and ground support.
Pentagon says women killed in the operation planned for months were fighters.
With four last-minute detainee transfers, population of Guantanamo is 41.
Oman takes 10 prisoners as 2 inmates go to court to demand transfer before Trump takes office.
Jihadists also counseled on how to keep their online regular lives and online terrorist lives separate.
Hamza was officially welcomed into the family business in 2015.