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North Korea, Russia, Syria, and ISIS "have all used chemical weapons over the past two years, which threatens international norms and may portend future use."
The U.S. envoy, native Afghan and former Bush administration UN Ambassador Zalmay Khalilzad, has been meeting with the Taliban in Qatar.
Kenyan government pleads with citizens to not spread images of the attack or "terrifying messages" on social media.
Tehran claims the U.S. has been pumping ISIS into the region and that they need to work with Taliban to "curb the security problems in Afghanistan."
Resolute Support says another U.S. soldier killed over the weekend "was likely accidentally shot by our Afghan partner force" in fight with al-Qaeda.
Abu Salman Belarus recently noted that he planned to learn French to expand Malhama Tactical's potential base of customers.
"They will question you about the mountains. Say: 'My Lord will scatter them as ashes,'" says the text citing the Quran, imposed over news photos from the blazes.
The site gives followers buttons to share links with others on Facebook, Twitter and WhatsApp, and points readers to al-Qaeda Telegram channels.
"You are situated in a place where you can harm our enemy," al-Raymi told Muslims. "And so it is upon you to carry out that role."
"The enemy usually sends their surveillance drones and they keep trying to see unusual movements on our side. And we do the same," says Syria chapter.
Terror group favors encrypted password manager KeePass and suggests Google two-step verification if an alternative open source application can't be used.