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The nuclear deal turns out to be a strategic alliance. At our expense.
ISIS has a great deal of competition, and radical Islamic terrorism comes in many different flavors.
Four additional U.S. service members and one member of a partner force were wounded.
Nicholson acknowledged "it's been a long war," but in that time "our country has not been attacked from Afghanistan."
Terror group spokesman also slams George Bush as the "obeyed stupid" and Barack Obama as "the fugitive slave of his creator and his religion" and "Mr. 'No We Couldn't.'"
Wray tells lawmakers about as many domestic extremism cases open, "all the way from white supremacist investigations to anarchist."
AQIM slams "abusive increases in duties and taxes" and firms that "ruin the social, cultural, health, and educational situation in our territory."
The "Anwar Al Awlaki Lectures" app, filed under "entertainment" and rated E for everyone, includes video and audio files of some of the American jihadist's most instigating messages.
French national Larossi Abballa, who stabbed to death a police officer and his partner in 2016, practiced several years before the attack by slitting the throats of bunnies.
"Oh Muslim merchants, this is a chance for he who wants to obtain the honor of preparing an army to protect the Two Holy Mosques," said Osama's son.