Biden Ignores the 800-pound Sinaloa Cartel Gorilla in the Room

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Yeah Joe, There Really Is a Border Crisis

In the relatively few months since Joe “What Day Is It” Biden began playing president the United States, the border has been sucked into a maelstrom of crises and insecurity. The main reason is that Democrats use the border as a political football to punt around while deploying their flying monkeys in the mainstream media to portray Republicans as big bad meanies when it comes to all things having to do with illegal immigration. Border security be damned, the ideologues have new voters to try and create out of whole cloth.


Another big reason — and this can be a problem with Republicans too — is that border policy is often crafted by people who don’t live anywhere near, or know anything about, the Mexican border. I’ve spent my entire life living within 120 miles of the Mexican border. I’m back in my hometown Tucson, which is a little under 70 miles away from Nogales, Mexico. Whenever a politician from a non-border state begins blathering on about border issues it always sounds like a toddler who’s just learned a new word and keeps misusing it. I just want to shake them and say, “You’re stupid so maybe shut it for a while.”

The Daily Signal recently interviewed Cochise County Sheriff Mark Dannels about what has changed since Ol’ Gropes began occupying the Oval Office. Cochise County is in the southeastern corner of Arizona. I lived there for almost a year when I was a kid, 12 blocks from the border. We had a bunch of cartel-type drug runners taken down in our front yard once in the middle of the night. That’s the kind of stuff that Sen. Whitey McOpenborders from the Northeast doesn’t ever have to deal with.

Joe Biden’s only governing principle thus far has been to “reverse whatever Trump did.” Except the vaccine development, of course. The knee-jerk unraveling of all that Trump accomplished is a big hit with a lunatic Democratic base that’s consumed by a pathological hatred for President Trump, but it’s a horrible way to run America.


One of the first things that Creepy Joe’s handlers had their puppet do after he was sworn in was sign an executive order halting the construction of the border wall. It’s another one of those things that Beltway Democrats can treat as feel-good but has real-world consequences that are anything but.

Sheriff Dannels goes into stark, sobering detail about exactly what his officers have to deal with and how it’s gotten worse under the Biden administration.

The Daily Signal:

The media is failing to report on the facts at the border, the sheriff told The Daily Signal.

“What they’re not showing is the getaways, the [drug] cartel influence on all this … the motives behind the cartels, drugs, fear, greed. It’s all about the dollar bill and how they can exploit Americans for addictions, how they can get into our communities and erode them and families. I don’t know why that story’s not being told. We all know it’s true. There’s nobody debating that, but that doesn’t sell, I guess.”

Dannels said he is puzzled that Vice President Kamala Harris, assigned March 24 by Biden to be his point person on the crisis, still hasn’t visited the U.S.-Mexico border.

“We haven’t been prioritizing the southwest border,” Dannels said.

“If that was the case, the vice president would be here. She was close, she got to South Carolina the other day, I heard, North Carolina. I got a call from the sheriff in that county saying, ‘Hey, the vice president’s here.’ I go, ‘Send her south. I’d like to have a word with her.’ But she hasn’t been down here.”

Dannels, who was a member of a Homeland Security Advisory Council disbanded by the Biden administration, said he sees regularly how frustrated Border Patrol agents are about the crisis.


That’s just a sampling from this revealing interview.

As Dannels notes, there’s plenty of blame to go around on both sides of the political aisle, but he does mention that things were “manageable” when Trump was in office.

One of my biggest frustrations in decades of watching Washington attempt to deal with the Mexican border is that no one ever talks about the cartels. Believe me, that’s the real concern for those of us who live in the Southwest and haven’t been brainwashed by the “plucky immigrants just coming here for a better life” narrative. Yes, there are many of those people too, but we can’t do anything for them if the 800-pound Sinaloa Cartel gorilla in the room isn’t being addressed.

Here is The Daily Signal’s full interview with Sheriff Dannels. It’s not lighthearted fare.


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