The Morning Briefing: Crazy Joe the Wonder Veep Friday

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Those of us who are forever lamenting the Obama Era should perhaps look Heavenward and say a prayer of thanks that Mr. One Heartbeat Away remained there.

Joe Biden (D-Del.) just needs a few minutes in front of a microphone to remind all rational people that he’s a one-man production of “One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest.”


While lobbying to be the leader of the greatest country on Earth Thursday night, Biden took both of his feet and shoved them in his mouth:

At a campaign stop in Iowa Thursday evening, Democratic frontrunner Joe Biden seemed to conflate “poor kids” with minority children, and proclaimed that they are “just as bright and talented” as the white kids.

Biden was speaking at the Asian & Latino Coalition Town Hall in Des Moines about the need to challenge students. “We have this notion that if you are poor, you cannot do it,” Biden said. “Poor kids are just as bright and just as talented as white kids.” Realizing his gaffe, he quickly added, “wealthy kids, black kids, Asian kids — no I really mean it.”

Biden is a uniquely American political savant. He’s the kind of guy you’d be reluctant to hand your key to were he working as a valet at a restaurant pretending to be classier than it really was, yet he spent almost a decade as the second-highest ranking member of our government.

He is both a testament to what Americans can ultimately achieve and a reason to question if that egalitarian opportunity is a good thing. I remain a “Yes” vote on that, despite my longtime dislike of Biden.


Biden’s greatest gift to American conservatives is that his unbridled tongue can’t help but bare the souls of our leftists. They may have the media forever spinning and covering for them, but Joey Scranton can waltz in and unveil their true intentions with the greatest of ease.

Biden’s words on Thursday revealed the harsh, condescending racism and elitism that drive Democratic politics. They view themselves as the politically divine benefactors of several classes of people whom they feel to be beneath them. Everything they do politically is geared to ensure that those people remain beneath them.

I have a number of Republican and conservative friends who have always found these Biden gaffes to be entertaining. I find them to be nothing but disturbing, as they uncover just how truly ugly the hearts of American liberals are.


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