It's Official: Selfies Are More Dangerous Than Sharks

(Image Credit: Andrea Bohl via Pixabay)

Narcissism kills:


The Daily Star:

The figures, which were compiled by India’s Journal of Family Medicine and Primary Care, revealed that between October 2011 and November 2017 at least 259 people died taking photos of themselves.

This is compared to just 50 people that were mauled and died in shark attacks in the same period.

It’s summertime here in the Northern Hemisphere, so news of shark attacks starts to pick up at this time of year. As those are more sensational than selfie deaths, they get the coverage.

The selfie numbers were reported last year but hadn’t been compared to shark deaths.

There also may be even more selfie deaths than we think:

However, the researchers claim that the actual number of selfie deaths could be much higher because they are never named as the cause of death.

“It is believed that selfie deaths are underreported and the true problem needs to be addressed,” it says.

“Certain road accidents while posing for selfies are reported as death due to Road Traffic Accident.

“Thus, the true magnitude of the problem is underestimated.


The article in the Daily Star does mention that men are the biggest idiots (my word, not a direct quote)  when it comes to taking selfies. We all kind of knew that though:

Be safe out there.


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