Sanders Replaces California Campaign Director Less Than 1 Month Before Primary

Via the New York Times:

Senator Bernie Sanders’s presidential campaign replaced its California state director Wednesday, less than a month before voters in the delegate-rich state cast their primary ballots.

Michael Ceraso, who had been directing the campaign’s efforts in the state, will be replaced by Robert Becker, who has run the Sanders campaign’s operations in other states.

Mr. Ceraso, 34, said in an interview Wednesday that he wanted the campaign in California to devote more resources on supporting volunteers, digital initiatives and field organizing than on buying expensive television advertising.

“I felt that we should be spending more on digital and more on the grassroots team,” Mr. Ceraso said. “It just came down to a disagreement.”


Hillary keeps leading in delegates and has been referred to as “the presumptive nominee” for so long the name is on her driver’s license now, yet Bernie Sanders won’t stop winning primaries.

Is this any way to run a primary season?

But remember, according to the media, it’s the Republicans who are having a weird year.

If Sanders truly does want to focus on television, maybe he’s comfortable with the enthusiasm levels in California and thinks he can rely on that to keep the grassroots chugging along. It’s obvious that he thinks he has a shot here.

This is anecdotal, but it is something I’ve been observing for months nonetheless. West L.A. and Santa Monica are overrun with Bernie bumper stickers. On $70,000 vehicles. I see an occasional “Ready for Hillary” sticker but it is mostly a Bernie-fest. These aren’t young voters who just want freebies, but upper middle class and above people who don’t understand that Bernie Sanders’ vision of America would ruin their lives. The point is that the disconnect is strong and he’s quite popular here.


That shot might be real.

Then again, I don’t pretend to understand how the Democrats are running this thing.



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