Violent Rhetoric Flourishing For Debt Ceiling Debate

“GOP holding U.S. economy hostage on debt”

This, from the same people who blamed a picture of a target in a political ad for a mass murder.

He may have sounded adamant and unbending to some. But his position was hardly out of place. Speaker John Boehner and the Republicans in the House of Representatives are holding a gun to the head of the American economy and threatening to pull the trigger if the president doesn’t bend to their will.


I addressed the crafting of the “GOP Bad Guy” narrative in this post earlier today.

Of course, the Democrats will forever be aided by the MSM lap dogs who do their bidding when it comes to false narrative writing. This one is basically parroting the president. That doesn’t mean it is impossible to counter. But it will take leadership who is willing shout “Oh, HELL no!” every time they’re painted as evil or violent.

The “hostage” and “gun to head” rhetoric was used successfully during the last debt ceiling debate, essentially forcing the GOP to blink while only negotiating with itself. We’re far past the time when someone, anyone, in charge needs to reject the premise and refuse to engage anyone who keeps repeating the lines from the script.


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