Dr. Fauci Can't Remember Basic Facts About the Pandemic, yet He Still Shows up on TV

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On Sunday, Dr. Anthony Fauci appeared on Face the Nation to wag his finger at Americans about their holiday plans. The idea that he was going to exit stage left after his final press conference was too much to hope for. In his appearance, Fauci once again ignored basic principles of immunology to advocate for his preferred totalitarian policies.


When Margaret Brennan asked him whether or not schools would have to close coming out of the holidays, Fauci went into weasel word mode. ” I don’t know, Margaret, I am not sure. When you talk about shutting down schools, there is always the collateral effects.” Fauci must be referring to the devastating learning loss that may impair a generation of children and hit low-income students the hardest. He continued, “So you have to balance, and you do it in real time depending on the viral load of disease in your region.” It appears Fauci is suggesting school closures as a preventive measure to stop transmission. It is almost like COVID-19 taught him nothing.

Fauci’s preference for using isolation as illness prevention was also evident in his holiday advice. Brennan noted there are currently three viruses circulating, respiratory syncytial virus (RSV), the flu, and COVID, and asked Fauci what the risks for holiday gatherings were. “The risk depends on what your status of vaccination is,” Fauci said. He noted there are vaccines available for the flu and COVID.

It is almost as if we all do not know that the COVID vaccines do not prevent illness or transmission. Or that the bivalent for omicron was tested on eight mice. Even The Washington Post recently admitted that vaccinated Americans now make up the majority of COVID deaths. Fauci is reportedly fully vaccinated and boosted and had COVID and a rebound case after Paxlovid.


The CDC’s data on the flu vaccine effectiveness is also dismal. Since 2004, the seasonal adjusted overall effectiveness of the flu vaccines only exceeded 50% three times. In the last typical flu season before the pandemic, it was 29% effective. The interim vaccine effectiveness for the 2021-2022 season is 14%. There is no vaccine for RSV.

Fauci noted that the flu and RSV arrived and started to surge early this year. Part of the reason these illnesses are off-cycle and affecting more individuals is because of lockdown policies. Most children encounter RSV for the first time before the age of two. Lockdowns and isolation delayed this exposure, meaning more children will get sick with it for the first time this year. There is a similar phenomenon with the flu. COVID overtook the flu thanks to its enhanced transmissibility. So individuals who may have caught the flu and developed immune defenses to it did not over the past several years. Now, that immunity debt is being collected with a larger number of cases.

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As doctors explained throughout the pandemic, these viruses are also hitting large numbers of people with weakened immune systems. Howard Stern is not the only person who stayed isolated for an extended period thanks to the COVID panic porn. Isolation and lack of contact with the environment weaken a person’s immune system. In the same way that lack of movement decreases muscle strength, not encountering pathogens regularly lowers the immune system’s effectiveness. Just like your muscles, the immune system needs a regular workout.


Yet, what does Fauci suggest? Avoiding “congregate settings” and wearing masks. Because these mitigation efforts have worked so well since March 2020. According to New Civil Liberties Alliance (NCLA) attorney Jenin Younes, Fauci falling back to the lockdown mentality is not surprising. The NCLA represents several physicians in a lawsuit against the Biden administration for colluding with Big Tech to censor COVID information.

During Fauci’s deposition last week, Younes shared that it was easy to see that Fauci holds two different standards when it comes to “the science.”

“There was a major inconsistency in his testimony that struck me,” Younes said. “He was very eager to seize on the thinnest of evidence to justify his advocacy for draconian ‘public health’ restrictions but required an unreasonably high quality of evidence for anything that contradicted his preferred narrative.”

She continued, “For example, he embraced lockdowns, which he clearly believed he had the authority to implement in one way or another. His rationale was that his friend Cliff Lane went to China in early 2020 and saw that the CCP’s lockdowns contained the virus. That convinced Fauci that lockdowns were needed here, too.” Younes noted that Fauci never questioned the accuracy of the Chinese data when making this assessment.

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“Nevertheless, when it came to hydroxychloroquine, the efficacy of which I have not studied myself and so have no opinion, the studies showing that it worked weren’t randomized and controlled. Based on that, Fauci says he knew the drug was no good and arguably dangerous. Yet, he was willing to embrace lockdown policies based on the observations of a single guy who relied on the reports of a dictator,” she added.

“Likewise, he claimed that between February 2020, when he wrote a friend saying masks don’t work to stem the spread of respiratory viruses, and April 3, 2020, when he told the public they were highly effective, studies were released that showed unequivocally they worked. He couldn’t recall which studies, though, not even one. That is unsurprising because no studies showed the efficacy of community masking in that time period,” Younes shared.

“For a guy who purports to be following ‘the science’ he sure has a proclivity for adopting the policies that allow him to act on his authoritarian mentality while dismissing data that suggest that government-imposed restrictions didn’t do much, if anything, to control COVID,” she observed. “The overarching theme of his testimony was that he doesn’t remember anything specific about the past three years, including emails, studies, and people. He would respond that he could not recall the answer to most questions but that whatever was in question was possible.” Apparently, weasel words aren’t just for media hits.


Yet, despite not recalling anything, Younes said, “He had no regrets and no remorse, and fully stood by everything he has done and said in this pandemic.”

On another Sunday show, ABC’s Martha Raddatz lamented that no one is getting the recommended vaccines. “Only about 11% have gotten the booster so far, maybe 42 million the flu shot. We’ve talked about this so many times. People aren’t listening. What do you do?” she asked

Perhaps no one is listening because the only people Americans may trust less than the legacy media are the public health “experts” who wrecked the economy and our kids. And if the legacy media would like to build their credibility back, keeping Fauci off their shows is a great place to start.


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