Why Do Leftists Use Children to Make Political Points?

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Why does the left think that using their children to make political points makes those points more valid in any way, shape, or form?

Surely you remember the days after the 2016 election, when the left went crazy and many women with small children (or perhaps with no small children — who knows?) posted that their eight-year-olds (usually eight-year-olds olds) were “terrified,” or scared, or not sleeping, or stressed, or whatever because of Trump’s election. It was so common that one had to laugh or cry (or both) at it.


Well, they never really stopped.

And it makes no sense whatsoever.

First of all, the left is not, in general, fond of children. Oh, sure, they talk about the children a lot. “It’s for the children” has been used for gun control, welfare, and all the pet programs of the left. But in reality children are far less prevalent on the left than on the right. And most of the left seems to be convinced we are overpopulated and favors lunacy like voluntary human extinction and taxes on families with “too many children.”

Sure, medieval ballads are full of “suckling infants” and even horses that speak and confirm the “true king” or denounce a murderer or whatever else. So perhaps this is a common human impulse. Except that there was some kind of rationale to that use of infants and other non-rational creatures for medieval people. You see, such unthinking vehicles could be direct conduits for divine judgement.

Of course, if there’s something the left likes less than humans it’s even the notion of a divinity, so that won’t wash.

Sanely and rationally: why should we care about what your elementary school child thinks of national politics? What do your children know about national politics, precisely? What do they know of history or economics? What do they know that you didn’t teach them or impart to them through your own reactions?

Even my older son who at eight could hold a spirited discussion about, say, the monopolies instituted by Emperor Augustus (he was weirdly obsessed by Rome) lacked the deep knowledge to discuss that – or much of anything else – rationally, or to see how similar policies affected our time. In fact, he knew just (barely) enough to drive his teachers (and occasionally me) insane by getting in convoluted arguments.


So, why should we care what your children think of the election of Trump? What do we care if they’re “scared” or “stressed”? If they’re any of that it’s because you’ve been scaring or stressing them, and maybe Child Protective Services (CPS) should have a look at you. Why do we care if your eight-year-old daughter thinks that because Hillary didn’t get elected no woman ever will get elected? It’s incumbent upon you as her mother to explain to her that Hillary was not a symbol for all women, but a deeply flawed and corrupt individual who, when her husband was president, aided and abetted his abusive behavior toward women by casting doubt on claims of rape and blackening the reputation of any of the many women who complained about his improprieties.

It’s not incumbent upon the world to do exactly what you want to make your children feel better.

The latest example of this was a mad woman, Alethea Torrellas Shapiro, who decided that Senator Bill Cassidy of Louisiana needed to “apologize” to her three children for confirming Kavanaugh. Yes, she got exactly what she deserved, as Cassidy pointed out she was using her children and that her children would be grateful for what he did later on when they were spuriously accused of anything they hadn’t done.

Yes, he has it precisely right. Keeping the presumption of innocence at the heart of law and requiring proof of malfeasance before condemning, shaming, or even refusing to confirm someone is far more important and far better for these children and their future than doing whatever their crazy mothers demands.


But my question is, where is CPS?

You guys know I’m a libertarian (or a constitutionalist conservative). As such I’m almost pathologically reluctant to have a state or federal agency or service interfere with private life, but seriously…Shouldn’t everyone who behaves this way be at the very least investigated?

Anyone who drags her kids to this type of demonstration and tries to make a big deal out of the fact that they’re children (I dragged my kids to one or two demonstrations, simply because I had no babysitting, and it was not dangerous), particularly those who convince the kids that their future has been ruined or that they will suffer something horrible because the parent didn’t get her way, is, in fact, abusing the children.

Anyone who claims their children are “terrified” or “can’t sleep” because someone was confirmed or elected is, in fact, saying they have gaslighted the kids into being scared or worried about this stuff. Isn’t that child abuse? Shouldn’t CPS at least investigate?

It might not cure the left of their inveterate need to put their sclerotic, murderous Marxist philosophy in the mouths of innocents – who don’t know that philosophy always results in hundreds of thousands of mass graves – but it might at least make them think twice.

I think we should give it a try. Come on. It’s for the children.

And yes, I do realize this means the left will start saying their dogs or their cats or their horses are scared and stressed when politics don’t go their way.


But at least we’ll have spared some human children.


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