Ron Rosenbaum

The Best Steak I've Ever Had

Just flew back from Omaha and are my taste buds tired. I was there for a (non food-related) conference, but that didn’t prevent me from sampling some great slabs of beef. And the blue ribbon goes to: the ribeye at The Chophouse. So sensationally flavorful I get shivers thinking back on it. And believe me I’ve been to all the big name steakhouses on New York.

I wouldn’t say it’s worth a trip to Omaha just for that. But almost. (And don’t waste your money on those overrated Omaha steaks-by-mail). My flight back was delayed for five hours and almost “timed out” the pilots (a horror you don’t want to know about if you haven’t had it happen to you). Maybe the solution is to move to Omaha so you’ll never be deprived of The Chohouse ribeye.

Anybody want to challenge my choice with a steak they think is better?