Ron Rosenbaum

The Cowardice of Anonymity

I love people who hurl anonymous insults–what are you afraid of? why not use your names? don’t you realize you look like cowards when you’re afraid to stand behind your words?–and then are shocked when when their arguments are held up to the ridicule they deserve by someone who actually puts his name behind his words. Come on cowards, come into the open, this is America, the country you’re supposedly so proud of. If you have to hide your name you must be ashamed of yourselves.

Yes, I love these people: any criticism of their point of view, of their lack of learning is called “personal insults”. These are the kind of people who are evidently used to spouting off to their poor spouses or co-workers, boring their ears off without anyone taking them seriously. Then when someone examines their self satisfied illogic and holds it up for the world to see they wail about “personal insults.” There’s a word for this in addition to “cowards”: crybabies.

It’s also interesting that they apparently read only books that allow them to be comfortable with their lack of concience on race. Try reading James Baldwin (you’ve heard of him right?) or Taylor Branch’s biography of Martin Luther King Jr..

But don’t worry, stay happy and ignorant in your refusal to take responsibility for your nation’s history (and in your cowardly refusal to take responsibility for your own words). America has never, ever done anything wrong that should concern you. I love this country but I don’t love it in ignorance and shamelessness.