Ron Rosenbaum

Olympics Shame: Georgia Shows It Once Again a Tool of Tyrants

Do you think the timing was accidental? While they shilled for the Party of mass murderers in China, the Olypmics served as a useful diversion for the Putinizing of Georgia. Wasn’t it convenient that Putin had George Bush where he wanted him, in the weirdly powerful KGB mental karate powerlock of his gaze. (Remember Bush’s pathetic “I looked into his eyes and knew I could trust him”?).

Once again–and I’m certain it entered into Putin’s calculations–the whole world was pretending to be celebrating the oneness of the human spirit–and thus much too busy to pay attention to the crushing of a democratic nation. The media as usual was complicit in not wishing to let a potentially world-changing tragedy to distract it very much. Come on! The U.S. swim team is piling up the gold!

Meanwhile the bodies are piling up on the streets of Georgia. All hail the Olympic spirit!