I Too "Marched" With Mitt Romney's Father and Martin Luther King

I’ll never forget the day. As a young civil rights supporter I was dying to join some of my friends and go down to DC for the March on Washington. But my parents forbid me! They told me I was too young! We had a big fight over it. It is one of the great regrets of my life that I wasn’t there for the “i Have a Dream” speech.


But now I realize I was there! Well in the same “figurative” way Mitt said his father George Romney was. I wonder if Mitt saw me there too. I think I remember seeing him (figuratively).

Well I don’t want to be too harsh on Mitt. it’s great that he speaks up for the civil rights movement, one of the great achievements of the oft unfairly smeared Sixties. Along with the women’s and gay rights movements which both had their origins (somewhat later) in the Sixties. (I haven’t yet heard Mitt say he was there at the Miss America Pageant protest or the Stonewall riot but I bet he was there too, don’t you think?)

And it’s great he wept when his church got the revelation from God that it didn’t have to be racist any more only 15 years after Mitt “saw” his father “march” with Dr. King.

But I have to say these Republican candidates are acting like they’re in a disingenuousness derby! First Huckabee denying the “floating cross” was an intentional effect (see post below), now Mitt affirming something he made up out of thin air and trying to backfill by telling us he was only speaking “figuratively’. Sure, he could say “I saw my father support civil rights” (though where’s the evidence and why doesn’t it include a denunciation of his church’s racist doctrine when it might have mattered?). But to say you saw your father “march”…That ain’t figurative. That’s prevarication followed by disingenuous rationalization. I think it’s enough of a lie to end his campaign if there were any standards in the GOP primary race.


Who does he think he’s fooling? Pretty soon he’s going to be telling us he landed on the moon with Neil Armstrong. At this point it’d be just “one small step” for Mitt.


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